Leading designer and manufacturer of non-invasive orthopedic bracing products

Breg, formerly United Orthopedic Group (“UOG”), is a global, fully integrated orthopedic products and services platform. It is dedicated to providing outstanding service to orthopedic physician customers and the highest quality manufacturing of non-invasive orthotic rehabilitation products available. UOG is led by some of the most recognized entrepreneurs and managers in the orthopedic industry. The Company is headquartered in Dallas, TX, serves customers around the globe, and has operations in the United States, Dominican Republic and China.

Transaction Summary

  • In 2006, Essex Woodlands completed a growth buyout of UOG (formerly known as Bledsoe Brace Systems) and partnered with management to grow the business through new product development and a series of acquisitions.
  • Carlsbad, CA

  • Contact:
    Scott Barry
  • www.breg.com
  • Formerly Known As: Bledsoe Brace Systems
  • Acquired by: Breg, Inc.
  • Exit date: October 15, 2014