Touchstone Health Partnership

A health maintenance organization in the environs of New York City

Managed Care Organization which provides Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans to Medicare beneficiaries in New York City and surrounding counties

Touchstone Health was a for-profit, privately held Medicare HMO in the New York City market, positioned to benefit from the large and growing Medicare Advantage (“MA”) market. Touchstone’s offerings were an alternative to traditional fee-for-service (“FFS”) Medicare. The Company offered zero and low dollar premium plans with benefits that included, but were not limited to, medical, pharmacy, dental, vision, hearing and mental health. Headquartered in White Plains, NY, the Company had 75 employees and operated in Orange, Westchester, Bronx, Queens, New York, Kings and Richmond counties. In July 2015, Touchstone Health was acquired by SummitStone Health Partners.

  • White Plains, NY

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  • Acquisition
  • Acquired by: SummitStone Health Partners
  • Exit date: July 27, 2015

“Essex Woodlands has an extraordinarily deep understanding of the markets in which Touchstone Health operates. Whether it’s navigating a regulatory maze, raising investment capital or sharing unique operational insights, Touchstone has been fortunate to have Essex Woodlands in its corner. Essex Woodlands has repeatedly helped Touchstone detect and exploit opportunities that it would not have discovered independently. Essex Woodlands’ ability to create value as a long-term investor has been critical to the building of Touchstone’s business.”

Edward C. Fargis

Chief Executive Officer

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