Precision Dermatology

Develops, manufactures, acquires and markets dermatology products

Develops, manufactures, acquires and markets dermatology-focused specialty pharmaceutical products

PreCision Dermatology is a fully-integrated dermatology company with a mission to deliver innovative therapies to physicians and patients that demonstrably improve the skin. The company operates in two key segments: Onset Dermatologics, which focuses on prescription therapies, and PrecisionMD, which focuses on physician dispensed products. The company’s high quality dermatology product portfolio includes Locoid®, Hylatopic®, Clindagel®, Celfix DNA® and Relastin®, among others. PreCision continues to rapidly expand through internally generated innovation, acquisitions, in-licensing, and co-marketing opportunities. The company is based in Cumberland, Rhode Island and has approximately 175 employees.

Transaction Summary

  • In 2010 Essex Woodlands led the founding equity investment, and led a subsequent round of capital for an add-on acquisition, to help establish PreCision Dermatology as a leading specialty pharmaceutical company and standalone dermatology platform.
  • In February 2014, the company entered into an agreement to be sold to Valeant Pharmaceuticals for $475 million in cash, plus an additional $25 million payable upon the achievement of specific milestones.
  • Cumberland, Rhode Island

  • Contact:
    Immanuel Thangaraj
  • Formerly Known As: Precision Dermatology
  • Acquisition
  • Acquired by: Valeant Pharmaceuticals
  • Exit date: July 08, 2014
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“I have been on the Board of Directors of three Essex Woodlands-backed companies, one as Chairman, one as Executive Chairman and one as the only US-based Director. The Essex team is exceptional to work with; they are true partners with the management teams they back. Essex played a key role in helping to build these three rapidly growing companies, which were all sold for hundreds of millions of dollars. I look forward to the fourth deal!”

William W. Crouse

Chairman of the Board of Directors