Millennium Pharmacy Systems, Inc.

Develops medication management systems for the long-term care industry

Turnkey pharmacy service solution for long term care facilities

Millennium Pharmacy Systems (MPS) is a leading pharmacy service provider that integrates an institutional pharmacy with a proprietary medication management system to offer a turnkey system (fully-integrated hardware, software, and management reporting) controlling distribution, administration, and documentation of prescriptions within a long term care facility (LTC). MPS is the first and only company to bring this end-to-end functionality to the LTC facility, allowing its customers to achieve better care, lower cost, and increased compliance. Headquartered in Cranberry Township, PA, Millennium has a strong presence on the east coast and is led by an experienced team of industry veterans.

Essex Woodlands acquired a minority stake in MPS in 2007 and continues to be a strong partner for the company as it actively leverages its technology to drive significant value for its customers—decreasing medication errors, reducing waste and returns, minimizing inventory, and improving cash flow.

  • Oak Brook, IL

  • Contact:
  • www.mpsrx.com
  • Formerly Known As: Millennium Pharmacy System
  • Acquisition
  • Acquired by: PharMerica
  • Exit date: September 26, 2014
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“The breadth of business insights and healthcare intelligence that Essex Woodlands has shared with Millennium has demonstrated their commitment to the growth and evolution of our Company in a challenging marketplace. Their availability and collaborative support has positively impacted our approach to our business. ”

Philip J. Keough, IV

President and Chief Executive Officer