EUSA Pharma

Trans-Atlantic specialty pharmaceutical company which focuses on oncology and critical care

Trans-Atlantic specialty pharma company acquired by Jazz Pharma for $700 million in 2012

EUSA Pharma was a trans-Atlantic specialty pharma company founded by CEO Bryan Morton and his team in 2006 with a focus on Critical Care and Oncology. The company built a best in class sales and marketing infrastructure in the US and Europe based around a portfolio of high value specialty products, including Erwinaze™, a new treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Erwinaze™ received FDA approval in 2011 and was launched successfully in the US in 2012.

Transaction Summary

  • Essex Woodlands was the founding investor of EUSA Pharma and backed a seasoned management team.
  • Essex helped develop a clear business strategy to create a new trans-Atlantic specialty pharma company and supported the company through four acquisitions to achieve this goal.

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“EW Healthcare Partners is not so much an Investor as a Partner in building successful businesses as was my experience with EUSA.”

Bryan Morton

Chief Executive Officer, EUSA Pharma