EUSA Pharma

European specialty pharmaceutical company focused on oncology and critical care.

EUSA will have marketed products, and full infrastructure and sales force in key European markets, and modest operations and sales in the United States. Their assets include four specialty products: Caphosol for oral mucositis, Collatamp for post-operative infections, Custodial for organ transport, and Xenazine for movement disorders.

Transaction Summary

  • Essex Woodlands is backing Bryan Morton, the former CEO of EUSA Pharma, in a proprietary deal to acquire several key assets of his old company to serve as a platform for a buy-and-build strategy. Bryan Morton followed a similar strategy at EUSA Pharma, a successful Fund VII growth equity deal.
  • We seek to transform the company into a fast growing trans-Atlantic specialty pharmaceutical company through acquiring and in-licensing products and companies with European revenue to leverage the current European infrastructure, as well as acquiring and in-licensing EU and US rights to specialty products that are in late-stage clinical trials and could be launched within three years to accelerate revenue growth.
  • Essex Woodlands made its first investment in EUSA Pharma (II) in 2015.

Related News

“EW Healthcare Partners is not so much an Investor as a Partner in building successful businesses as was my experience with EUSA Pharma.”

Bryan Morton

Chairman, EUSA Pharma