Encore Dermatology

Medical dermatology company with a product portfolio focused on acne and atopic dermatitis

Headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania, Encore Dermatology is a privately held fully-integrated dermatology company with a mission committed to delivering innovative prescription therapies and medical devices to dermatologists focusing on customer service and improving the quality-of-life of patients. 

Encore is led by the CEO and management team of one of our most successful prior growth equity deals, PreCision Dermatology.  The Encore assets include three medical dermatology products:  Tetrix, a topical cream to treat atopic dermatitis, BenzEFoam, a topical foam to treat mild and moderate acne, and HylatopicPlus, a topical cream and foam to treat eczema. 

Transaction Summary

  • Essex Woodlands has a long and successful relationship with Chairman, Bill Crouse, across a number of prior investments including EUSA Pharma and Precision Dermatology. Mr. Crouse and Essex Woodlands again partnered in 2015, as EW led the founding equity investment to establish Encore Dermatology as a standalone dermatology franchise.
  • Encore acquired its initial product portfolio following the acquisition of three medical dermatology products from Valeant.
  • Essex Woodlands seeks to transform Encore Dermatology into a fast growing US dermatology company through the combination of life cycle management strategies on existing products, and in-licensing and acquiring complementary products and companies.

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  • “I have been on the Board of Directors of three Essex Woodlands-backed companies: one as Chairman, one as Executive Chairman, and one as the only US-based Director. The Essex team is exceptional to work with; they are true partners with the management teams they back. Essex played a key role in helping to build these three rapidly growing companies, which were all sold for hundreds of millions of dollars. I look forward to the fourth deal!”

    William W. Crouse

    Executive Chairman