A healthcare technology company with a platform that facilitates the analysis, visualization, reporting and management of real-world patient data, aggregating various clinical data streams in addition to claims data from payers to create a complete, longitudinal view of a patient's disease progression, treatment and outcome.

Cota is a unique asset, aggregating all of the data points which link outcomes and payer claims data to understand the true variances in the cost of care for clinically identical patients. Historically taking the advantage inherent in selling curated patient data sets to pharma and other life sciences customers for thier research will continue to provide robust sales, but Cota also has significant opportunities to sell its platform to provider groups for decision support and to monetize its software platform with payers for utilization review and prior authorization. The range of experience and industry relationships in life sciences and payer sectors which EW brings to the table is unusual and will provide tangible value well beyond the capital invested.