Cognate Bioservices

Cognate BioServices, Inc. is the largest privately-held contract development and manufacturing organization developing cell-based products and therapies.

Cognate is uniquely positioned as the largest privately held outsourced cell and gene therapy CDMO in an attractive and fast-growing market driven by pharmaceutical companies' continued investment in CAR-T cell therapy and gene editing programs. Cognate’s two main markets, immunotherapy and cell therapy, are growing rapidly and projected to exceed more than $10 billion in sales in the coming years. The company has significant experience in autologous and allogeneic cell therapies and other advanced cell therapies such as CAR-T, NK cell, TIL, MIL, and other cellular immunotherapy products.

Cognate provides a unique combination of custom services to companies across all points of clinical and commercial development specializing in mid to late stage clinical trials and supporting its clients through product scale-up into commercial manufacturing. The company’s unique combination of manufacturing and clinical expertise has resulted in a successful fourteen-year operating history. Cognate is well-placed to continue its strong growth, high quality manufacturing processes, and excellent customer service.

EW's investment funds the company’s continued growth and the build out of additional manufacturing capacity and value-added development capabilities.