China Cord Blood Services Corporation

Leads in the Chinese cord blood collection industry

The largest cord blood banking operator in China

China Cord Blood (NYSE: CO) is dedicated to the storage of umbilical cord blood stem cells and related services for parents and their children throughout China and the Asia Pacific regions, with its headquarters in Hong Kong. Cord blood and cord tissue are extremely valuable to parents and their children because of their ability to heal the body, promote recovery, and because of their incredible therapeutic potential across numerous indications from heart disease to stroke to spinal cord damage. China Cord Blood was the first cord blood banking operator approved by the Ministry of Health in China and has exclusive blood storage services in the Beijing Municipality, the Guangdong Province, and the Zhejiang Province, covering approximately half of total newborns in the regions licensed to provide cord blood banking services.

Transaction Summary

  • Essex Woodlands leveraged its industry expertise gained from the successful investment in Cord Blood Registry to actively source the investment opportunity in China Cord Blood, acquiring a minority stake in 2007
  • After Essex helped the company go public in 2009, China Cord Blood posted impressive results by increasing revenues almost 3x over the next four years. Essex Woodlands has exited its position effective April 2014.

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“"The Essex Woodlands team has added enormous value to our company, and their industry knowledge and resources helped us to develop insight into new markets and territories. Definitely great partners to work with."”

Albert Chen

Chief Financial Officer