Developer of instrumentation systems, software and assay products in fields ranging from fundamental protein research to biomarker discovery and personalized medicine

A developer of products for the protein analysis market

ProteinSimple helped researchers gain a better understanding of proteins and their role in disease by making protein research simpler and more quantitative. ProteinSimple built a portfolio of protein analysis tools including systems for traditional protein imaging, systems to probe the structure and purity of protein based therapeutics and systems that provided fresh insight into protein signalling. With over 170 employees, and over 14,000 systems installed world-wide, ProteinSimple was headquartered in Santa Clara, California. EW led two rounds of funding to support the company’s organic growth and acquisitions in the protein analysis segment of the life science tools market. In June 2014,Techne Corporation (NASDAQ: TECH) (d/b/a Bio-Techne) announced that it had agreed to acquire ProteinSimple for $300 million in cash.

  • Santa Clara, CA

  • Contact:
    Ron Eastman
  • Formerly Known As: ProteinSimple
  • Acquisition
  • Acquired by: Techne Corporation (d/b/a Bio-Techne)
  • Exit date: August 01, 2014
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“ProteinSimple would not be here today without the tremendous help and support of Essex Woodlands, which has been an invaluable partner in building our business.”

Tim Harkness

Chief Executive Officer

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