CBR Systems, Inc.

Collects, processes and cryogenically freezes storage of stem cells

The #1 recommended cord blood company by OB/GYNs and expecting parents

Cord Blood Registry, or CBR, collects, processes, and freezes newborn stem cells from umbilical cords for storage in its cord blood banks. CBR is a leader in the cord blood industry, with more than 500,000 newborn stem cell units stored and the highest published cell recovery rate. Cord blood and cord tissue are extremely valuable to parents and their children because of their ability to heal the body, promote recovery, and because of their incredible therapeutic potential across numerous indications from heart disease to stroke to spinal cord damage. CBR is headquartered in San Bruno, CA.

Transaction Summary

  • Essex Woodlands made its initial investment in CBR in 2001 and drove impressive improvements in operating performance, with revenues increasing almost 9x during its ownership period
  • Essex Woodlands exited its position in CBR when the company was acquired by GTCR in September 2012

“The EWHV group is a top notch team, which added significant value, not just capital, to our company. From the beginning, they were an investor which helped us grow CBR, provided guidance, strategy and advice as a true partner throughout all operations, and assisted us in preparing for a very successful exit. We could not have asked for a better business partner!”

Tom and Wendy Moore