BreatheAmerica, Inc

Developed and managed freestanding outpatient clinics focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of chronic airway diseases and infusion therapies

Expanding national footprint of clinics for the treatment of chronic airway diseases and infusion therapies

BreatheAmerica is an operator of freestanding clinics for the treatment of chronic airway diseases and infusion therapy. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee the Company has operations in several states across the southern U.S. The BreatheAmerica model was developed in conjunction with an academic hospital and offers a differentiated approach to accurately diagnosing and treating some of the most prevalent respiratory and allergic conditions – sinusitis, asthma, environmental, drug, food and skin allergies, COPD, headache, cough, and others. As a natural extension of its treatment of airway diseases, BreatheAmerica has also built an infusion business through its acquisition of Precision Healthcare in 2011.

Essex Woodlands acquired a minority stake in BreatheAmerica in 2011 and worked with BreatheAmerica’s founders and management team to grow the clinics and pursue mutually beneficial joint ventures with hospital partners. In delivering all the necessary multi-specialty resources under one roof, BreatheAmerica’s model exemplified the paradigm shift of “quality over quantity” occurring in the U.S. under the Affordable Care Act by demonstrating the ability to improve patient outcomes and lower costs. The Company achieved this through optimizing the treatment and medical resources needed by traditionally costly and inefficiently managed patients with chronic airway diseases. Aspire Allergy & Sinus, an allergy and sinus group which provides nationwide services, announced its acquisition of Breathe America in March 2021.

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    Brooks Andrews
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  • Acquired by: Aspire Allergy & Sinus
  • Exit date: March 12, 2021
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““Essex Woodlands has been an exceptional partner. They understand how to nurture young companies and work with management teams. They have gone well beyond what they said they would do- an uncommon thing.” ”

Joseph Hutts

Chairman of the Board

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