BioForm Medical, Inc.

Produces injectable implant products used in minimally invasive soft tissue augmentation procedures

Medical aesthetics company that produced injectable implant products used in minimally invasive soft tissue augmentation procedures

With headquarters in San Mateo, California, BioForm Medical was a medical aesthetics company focused on developing and commercializing products used by physicians to enhance a patient’s appearance. The company was a leader in the dermal filler market in the United States and Europe with its flagship product, RADIESSE®, for which it obtained FDA approval for the correction of moderate to severe folds and wrinkles. The company’s pipeline also included a number of additional aesthetics products, including a radiofrequency treatment to reduce nerve function in the forehead, a sclerotherapy treatment for spider veins, and a surgical adhesive for brow lifts. Merz Pharma Group, a privately-held company based in Germany, announced the acquisition of BioForm Medical for $5.45 per share in cash, for a total equity value of approximately $253 million in January 2010.

  • San Mateo, CA

  • Contact:
    Marty Sutter
  • Acquisition
  • Acquired by: Merz Pharma Group
  • Exit date: January 04, 2010
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“Essex Woodlands was instrumental in BioForm's evolution and success. The entire EW team helped us assess technologies, revise and test our strategies, and test our assumptions and market vision. Our annual brainstorming session and update to the partnership proved to be one of our most valuable strategic review forums and helped us crystalize and refine BioForm's strategy.”

Steve Basta


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