Medical technology company dedicated to peripheral nerve repair

Developer and marketer of surgical solutions for peripheral nerve injuries

Headquartered in Alachua, Florida, AxoGen (Nasdaq: AXGN) has a portfolio of regenerative medicine products focused on peripheral nerve repair, including Avance® Nerve Graft, an off-the-shelf processed human nerve allograft for bridging severed nerves without the comorbidities associated with an additional surgical site, AxoGuard® Nerve Connector, a porcine submucosa extracellular matrix (“ECM”) coaptation aid for tensionless repair of severed nerves, and AxoGuard® Nerve Protector, a porcine submucosa ECM product used to wrap and protect injured peripheral nerves and reinforce the nerve reconstruction while preventing soft tissue attachment.

Surgeons using AxoGen products are moving away from the traditional nerve autograft harvest technique that requires an additional surgical site which may result in a loss of feeling where the autograft nerve was removed, potential pain at the donor site, or other known donor site morbidities to the use of Avance® Nerve Graft. Peripheral nerve repair with Avance® Nerve Graft does not require autograft nerve tissue harvest, thus avoiding the associated complications, comorbidities and expenses associated with the harvest procedure.

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“The EW team is extremely knowledgeable, and their ability to identify great innovations and market opportunities, and help move those innovations forward by sharing expertise and assisting in business plan execution is remarkable. AxoGen is proud to have Essex as a partner in our continued growth.”

Karen Zaderej

CEO, AxoGen

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