ATS Medical, Inc.

Developer and manufacturer of products for the cardiac surgery market

Developer and manufacturer of products for the cardiac surgery market

ATS Medical, Inc. was headquartered in Minnesota, and traded on the NASDAQ under symbol ATSI. The Company developed, manufactured, and marketed medical devices for the treatment of structural heart disease. Its product portfolio included: mechanical and tissue valves, heart valve repair products, cryoablation products used in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, and surgical tools and accessories. Medtronic (MDT) acquired ATS Medical for $370M in 2010.

  • Minneapolis, MN

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    Marty Sutter
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  • Acquired by: Medtronic
  • Exit date: April 29, 2010
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“Business of course is the allocation of human and capital resources to create customers; it’s really a very simple exercise but such a hard thing to execute well in practice. Essex understands the algorithm and importantly possesses the wisdom gained from experience to know when and how to partner with its companies. Whether solving problems or capitalizing on opportunity, I have seldom worked with nicer, smarter people in my career. Their collective experience and strong strategic sense is deep and broad and available at the asking, to which we called upon regularly as we built ATS Medical!”

Michael Dale

Chairman, President and CEO

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