Investment Strategy

We back world-class management teams to lead fast-growing, revenue-generating healthcare companies.

We are healthcare specialists: this dynamic, resilient and growing sector is our passion and our only business.

  • US$20 to $200M in revenues
  • EBITDA-positive or soon to be
  • Revenue growth drives returns
  • Minority or majority positions

We invest broadly across the healthcare spectrum



$960 billion worldwide market driven by aging demographics, increasing insurance coverage and innovation


Medical Devices

$350 billion worldwide market driven by focus on healthcare outcomes and costs


Healthcare Services

Largest segment of healthcare industry evolving to deliver quality rather than quantity of care


Healthcare IT

Fastest growing segment of healthcare sector supported by favorable regulations and need for operational efficiencies

Global macro trends support healthcare investing

Change Creates Opportunities in
Developed Markets
  • Healthcare is one of the largest segments of the economy at an average 10-18% of GDP

  • Aging population and chronic diseases are driving healthcare demand

  • Knowledge and new technology drive innovation that continues to give rise to new products and companies

  • Healthcare companies are increasingly driving revenue growth through acquisitions of smaller, faster growing companies