About Us

More About Our Investment Strategy

We seek to make growth equity investments in commercial-stage healthcare companies. We seek opportunities with (i) rapidly growing revenues and earnings, (ii) low to no risk of capital loss and (iii) that are well positioned for a predictable exit. We partner with management teams to accelerate growth and add value through our network of relationships in the sector.

We target companies with revenues ranging from US$20 to $200M that are EBITDA-positive or soon to be positive. We invest in private companies as well as public companies and consider minority or majority investments, remaining flexible on deal structure. Our firm has the ability to invest up to US$100M per deal, with typical investments of US$20-$80M in equity.

Historically, the vast majority of our investment returns have been generated via the revenue and EBITDA growth of our portfolio companies. However, we may also use a modest amount of leverage to optimize capital structures, while not overburdening our portfolio companies.

Our firm has a history of partnering with other firms to complete large transactions, where we typically serve as one of the groups with the deepest domain and operating experience.

Additional Info

  • US$20 to $200M in revenues
  • EBITDA-positive or soon to be
  • Public or private companies
  • Minority or majority positions
  • Both developed (US & EU) and emerging markets (China and Latin America)